About Artfully Industrial

Because we like our custom furniture to be different.

Artfully Industrial designs and fabricates high quality custom furniture for both residential homes and commercial buildings. We work closely with our customers to ensure we are designing everything to fit your need. Because our furniture is custom built upon order, we have have the ability to customize each piece to fit the exact size and finish you desire.

While our creativity does have us creating specific pieces for sale, our focus is on creating custom builds tailored to our customers needs, while capturing in a modern industrial style. We custom build for a variety of spaces including offices, retail shops, restaurants, medical offices, hotels, storefronts, lofts, homes and dealerships. While a newer company, our team has extensive experience creating custom pieces, from design to completion in many different styles including farmhouse design, modern industrial, rustic, and shabby chic.

Unique and Custom Designs

At Artfully Industrial, we take pride in our custom furniture designs to ensure we are creating something truly unique. From the start, we will research your piece, and then do a rough sketch of the layout to ensure things are going in the right direction. From there, depending on the piece, we will create a digital line drawing of your concept. This serves as the blueprint for your final custom piece.

Quality and Detailed Fabrication

Once your design is approved, the true artistry begins with the fabrication of your custom furniture. We source and utilize as much local material as possible, from the steel to the various wood products. Not only does this ensure we are supporting local vendors, but ensures we are providing the best quality and material for your final product.

Creating A Range of Custom Industrial Tables, Desks, Shelves and More.

While Artfully Industrial was founded in 2017, our team has years of experience creating custom industrial furniture for both commercial and residential use. From a commercial standpoint, we have worked to design and create projects such as:

• Conference Room Tables
• Retail Display Cases
• Custom Office Desks
• Coffee Tables
• Reception Desks
• Shelving Units
• Storage Cabinets
• Stand Alone Kiosks
• Center Consoles
• End Tables
• Custom Display Cabinets
• Industrial Salvage Projects
• Retro Fabrication
• And More

From a residential standpoint, our creativity is just as strong. As the modern industrial and farmhouse trend continues to grow, so does our vision of what we can create. Our team has been a part of several projects that include:

• Dining Room Tables
• Kitchen Tables
• TV Units and Consoles
• Barndoors
• Coffee Tables
• End Tables
• Shelving Units
• Custom Mantles
• Office Desks
• Custom Chairs and Barstools
• Bedroom Furniture
• Home Office Furniture
• Entry Way Storage
• Garage Storage
• Man Cave Furniture
• And More

If you have seen it, or can think of it, we will work to create it.